Monday, February 19, 2007

Tools for Druid Comrades II

As most of you noticed in my last post, I left out a critical ingredient for synthesizing mauvine--water.

Water is quite important, and this is a quck "how to" on the topic.

For most esoteric purposes, it is preferable to start with pure, clean local spring water. Failing this, you can filter and boil and let the tap water stand for 24 hours and it is usable--unless your local utility uses chloroform to treat it. In that case, use distilled water for all of your workings. You should still boil ther distilled water and let it cool before use. Whenever possible and safe, use water from your biome.

To start, you will need a way to safely collect, store and probably process water. Brown glass bottles with a shatterproof coating are preferred for storage. They are light-tight, something that will be relevant in a few posts. A glass (not plastic) funnel, new clean caps, a few labels, a large bowl made of an inert substance like glass, and a water proof marker are next on the list. Finally, you will need a small gold object. If you don't own any gold jewelry, go to a hobby and crafts store and purchase one or two sheets of real gold leaf. You might want to pick up a few bits of silver leaf too, remembering to wrap both of them individually in paper and put them away.

The first tool that you are going to make will 'riff off of the first esoteric exercise in the prior lesson--The Solar Adoration. This will show you a few things to do with that bit of work.

The Solar Adoration part II--adding sound

For this, we will add a sonic component to the Adoration. In the last lesson you were instructed to procure a standard telephone, or at least record a file of actual, old fashion telephone dial tone. This will be your standard reference for a while. Dial tone in the States is actually an "A" 440 hz sine wave. With this tool all by itself, you can tune any standard instrument, including your voice.

Repeat the vocal warm up exercises as before. This time, drop your head slightly, relax the jaw and cheek muscles, inhale slowly, and say---

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" five or six times. Listen to the way that the sound will change. Do not fight this--allow the voice to wander as it will. Try to match the sound you are making to the dial tone. When in doubt, open your mouth wider and relax.

The simplest way to enhance the experience of chanting is to use the hood of a heavy robe with stiffening wire in the hood. This will create a sound baffle, making the experience of chanting more intimate, and will allow you to more readily feel the chant of a simple sound. Feel the warmth of the sunlight flow through you, merging with the chant.

Now let's put the Solar Adoration together with a bit of standard sympathetic work. Determine the times of greatest solar intensity for your location for the day. There are standard charts you could use, but they may not be accurate if you have lots of cloud cover. Pick the first day of the week--Sunday.

At the time of greatest light, perform the Solar Adoration with the vowel chant nine times. Using boiled/filtered water that you have already prepared, place a shred of the gold leaf or clean gold object into the bowl. Let the water stand in the sunlight as you chant. As you hold the bowl, focus on feeling the light, the ways that it dances off your body and other objects outdoors. Concentrate on this feeling for a few minutes, then pour the water out of the bowl, into the brown glass bottle with the funnel. Bring the bottle inside and set it into a space where it will not be disturbed. Label the bottle with the date, time and contents of the bottle. Please place it aside for future use.

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